Our Sources

Meet our team of expert gaming professionals making all the hard decisions, providing quality games and dedicated to providing clients with the best tips around the world

Fixed Special Agent

David Sergeant

Our most respected and special agent who ensures every fixed tips provided goes successfully as planned. He ensures confidentiality to protect players from fixed teams as we usually receive 1-2 matches with fixed outcome from the same team for every fixture, so he ensures the amount of bets on a given outcome with the given team will be limited to a few number of people so that doubts and suspicions from bookies across the globe would not be raised.

Senior Dealer & Tipster

Anthony Stevens

Tasked with the job of dealing with customers, clients and subscribers, He always dedicates his time to ensuring that subscribers get the best and maximum profits and winnings everyday from their bets. He connects with our various agents and sources in the UK, Canada, Spain, Bulgaria, Belarus, Switzerland & many other top fixed games distributors across the globe.

Games Verification Agent

Henry Mills

He use his large database and connections to make risk calculations and find good value from the bets in the market and how real they are. He spends several hours everyday verifying games in order to prepare them for profitable value and accurate results.

Senior Predictions Tipster

Okbay Feza

He has built a model for several bets that will filter the best value for our clients. He does that knowing that our subscribers need a liquid competitive market with good odds in a variety of books. He always ensures that there are games available with high value and profits margin. His models are for everyone to follow and make profits.